The Coupon Book -
About Us
We are a local family born and bred in Batemans Bay. We care about our community and seeing our local businesses survive.
We know times are tough and so we have put together this program to not only support our local businesses but to make the cost of living more affordable for all residents.
The Coupon Book also encourages consumers outside of Batemans Bay to shop in our town.
We employ local families and give back to the community by using The Coupon Book as a fundraiser for schools and local organisations.
You will save money on regular expenses as well as making leisure and family activities more affordable.  Local businesses need our support and what better way than to shop local and save.
We thank you for your support of local business and appreciating the businesses that are supporting you.

Our Mission is to encourage local shopping, supporting our local retailers while rewarding the customer with real savings.
Our Vision is to strengthen local economy through a quality product and quality service, providing a valuable resource to both business and consumer.